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Multitool Ski Tracker precisely tracks your every move

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Go skiing, skitouring, snowboarding or any other winter activity with SkiPal - Accurate Ski Tracks app! Track your routes and record all of your data such as max and average speed, skiing distances and times, current, max and min elevation.

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Web panel info
Web panel allows you to track your app activities also in web explorer
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The Altimeter Mountain GPS Tracker precisely tracks your every move
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Web panel info
You can see a highlighted section of the track on the map, elevation and speed charts, as well as distance, time, and speed data of each segment.


iWatch version

We have developed a brand-new independent application specifically for your watch device. Gain access to tracking your routes without a phone, just turn on our wearable application and enjoy our tracking data without worrying about your phone. Moreover, you get access to a new data set: your current heart rate! When you finish tracking, just press 'Save' button to automatically synchronize your track with your device.


Watch your route using the real time map view! Take a look at our multiple chart modes such as elevation over distance and time or speed over distance and time to get a better understanding of when and where your top speeds occurred or maybe for how long you kept a steady ride!

Offline maps

New maps based on Open Street Maps have been added to the application. You can now enjoy a fresh new look to your tracks, with certain ski resort routes being displayed on them. Moreover, we have implemented a feature which allows you to download a portion of a map for offline use, so that when you're on a trip with restricted access to WIFI, you can still enjoy the map display.

Dark mode

Dark mode - get a new experience with our dark mode application! Turn on dark mode in your system settings and enjoy a new look of SkiPal

Precise data

More precise data tracking - improved functionality of your routes and ski data collection for more precise results


Using the advanced analysis inside the application, you can see the division of your track into individual segments, runs and lifts. You have the option to enter data into the app, then you can see a highlighted section of the track on the map, elevation and speed charts, as well as distance, time, and speed data of each segment.


Capture your ski trip with pictures! While skiing, use the camera button to snap pictures of the beautiful views, you and your friends, or whatever else you want. Choose what kind of data to use and our app will put it all in one picture, share them with your folks! What's even cooler is that you can use the map view at any point to see the exact time and place where your photos were taken!


We have developed a fresh new look for the history screen. It's more user friendly and intuitive than before and it’s now divided into two separate sections to display your data. The charts have now got a new screen which shows all the available configurations: speed over distance, speed over time, altitude over distance and altitude over time. The photos and segments displays are also more clean.


You can easily export your tracks to three popular formats: a universal GPX format from which you can import your data to most devices and applications, as well as the KML and KMZ formats that allow you to see your track in Google Earth and Google Maps.


Add a waypoint when you want to mark your favorite, interesting or important places along the route, such as viewpoints and restaurants with good food or any places to wish come back to. In the map view, you will have the opportunity to see these points along with your descriptions.

Quick Ride

Use our unique feature: Quick Ride! Track separate skiing data on a short segment. Want to try several short rides and check during which one you reached top speed or which one was the fastest? Just press play and see for yourself!


Login through Facebook or with your email account and have all your date secure! Our ski tracker app willl store all your trips data, map routes and photos in our cloud services. want to see your data on another device? Not a problem. Just log in and our app will synchronize all your data instantly!

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If you have any questions or problems with our application feel free to contact us.